Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cool, Green, Minty, and Seductive

Ahh March, the one month a year that it is not only socially acceptable to start drinking early in the morning, it is encouraged. But thats not what makes this month great to me, oh no, not even close. What makes this month great to me is way more sensual and forbidden. Something that sends your tastebuds into orgasmic flurry. I'm talking about Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's.

I find myself building up antiscipation around the beginning of February for the milky green icon. Then as soon as they become available I jump at the opportunity. While waiting for the milkshake to come, I can't help but think to myself, "maybe it's not as good as I remember...maybe it's just the year long wait that made me think I couldn't wait for one". Oh man was I wrong..I watched the McDonald's girl pour the emerarld green confection that has brought joy to my life so many times before. I could not wait to tap into the well of Irish goodness that awaited me. As the cool triple think goodness that you come to expect from McDonald's hits your lips, you start to taste the ever-so-mild mintiness you were craving all year long. I could have died right then and there at the first taste, but God, being the great God that he is allowed me to enjoy the entire large malkshake without any interruptions.

What amazes me the most about this month are the amount of people who have never tried one, I can not imagine going through my life having not experienced the magic. My life milestones are as follows: 1. The birth of my son. 2. My near-future wedding. 3. First Shamrock Shake; in that order. What also amazed me was in my research I found that MOST of the U.S. does not have S.S.'s, not even in March. They are only brought out to very selective markets, and by the grace of God I live in one of them!

Ahh March, as always will come to an end. What I wouldn't give to enjoy minty flavored frozen sex in a cup all year long. But, wouldn't that take away from the mystique of the Shamrock Shake that I hold so dear to me? Alas, I do believe so. Until next year I shall hold you near me in my dreams as I run through patches of clovers in Ireland as I sip away at your sweet nectar of mint and marvel at your greatness.