Friday, February 16, 2007

What Not to Watch

Television for me is a Love/Hate relationship. While I revel in the awesomeness of some shows like The Office and 24, I am also sickend by some shows on TV, most of which shouldn't be allowed to be shows. Take for instance the following:

The Real World and basically everything else on MTV.

I can't think of anything I'd rather not do than watch the Real World. Granted I never ever watch MTV, but I unintentionally catch clips here and there from seeing what other people watch. What are they on now, like Real World 342. I mean seriously, give it a rest. I seriously don't know why anyone would be interested in watching a group of people stay in the same house. I was asked recently if I would sacrifice my hand if Real World would never be on TV again. I answered yes, not because of how bad I wish the show would go away, but because I would want everyone know I was the one responsible for the show's end. While we are on the MTV topic, they have other shows that seriously upset me more, but they haven't been around for as long as Real World to warrant their own category. Laguna Beach, and every stupid spin-off show and show with the same premise like that one in Malibu that I merely saw the 'cast' and wanted to rip out my aorta. I would seriously rather be tortured day in and day out for the rest of my life in a Vietnamese prison cap than watch people just hang out. Thats all that happens on these shows, it just shows young people hanging out, theres no plot, no story, no anything, just talking. How could anyone care that much about what is going on in someone else's life. It makes me vomit that the people on the shows actually think people give a shit about who they are dating. Gay.

What Not to Wear

This show might have a slightly smaller audience but just the same social impact as the latter. Hey I've got a great idea for a show, let's have people send in their friends to a show where a gay guy and a stupid bitch go through your closet and ridicule you for not wearing 500 dollar shoes to go to the grocery store. The plus side is you get 5000 dollars to spend on a new wardrobe, but you have to put up with the smart ass quips from the two egotisical hosts. Seriously, who the hell is 'so sick' of how a friend or co-worker dresses that they think they have the right to send in their pictures and nominate them for a show. Maybe they have better things to worry about than how they fucking dress, maybe they aren't superficial pricks like you. I swear, if anyone nominates me, (not that they could, because chances are I dress better than them) I'd seriously consider killing you.


I mean, ok, I love to eat, I won't lie. But this show is nauseating. Rachael Ray is stupid. She always says something semi-ignorant to the staff at the places she goes. She always over-exaggerates what she eats. Have you ever seen her have a bad meal? It would be worthwhile if she said "OMG this place blows" but no, she loves every bite of everything. Oh, and where did she learn how to tip? Have you ever seen her tips?! If I was her server I'd tell her right to her face on camera that she is a cheap bitch. Who the hell tips like $1.17. It's a tv show for crying out loud. Who the hell eats out 4 times a day (including dessert) except Rachael Ray? What is this show proving except that if you happen to be out of your home in one of the cities she visits you could go to all the places she went and have similar meals and still be under 40 dollars for the day. That might be the most irrelevant information she could be giving. I've got an idea for a show, it's called $9-a-Day, basically it consits of me going to McDonald's multiple times a day and buying off the dollar menu, which as dumb as that sounds is far more realistic than walking the streets of some obscure city all day and penny pinching at gourmet restaurants. I hope you always eat alone. Stupid.

Ok, I'm getting sick of thinking about all this bad television.


Heatherr said...

okay the rachel ray and the what not to wear is gay. Even though you make Real World sound way worse than it is its AMAZING, even though you have some good points. gay hater

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice orginal opinion? I'm sure you're the first to have uttered these naive comments about unliked television shows. For you to have so much knowledge of shows that you incalculably detest is really beyond me. And, if you haven't obtained your information by watching these shows, then why would you ever research them in spite? Your writing gives me no substantile reasoning to care about what you say, or furthermore continue reading. In fact, I'd probably get more blog views if I only posted tallies of how many times you say "seriously" in a blog. Seriously.

Aaron said...

Re: How is it not an original opinion? I thought of it, I've never read anyone making the same critiques, thats what original is. As far as me having knowledge about shows I hate, I mean that is pretty obvious. Other people watch TV too, and sometimes I happen to be around them. Simple. In terms of me to continue watching, it's based on the sacrifice I've made for people everywhere to save them from these awful programs. Oh and as far as your ability to write a better blog; it's easy to simply leave a comment on someone's writing and make a sorry attempt at being condesending, I'd like to see you write original content. Seriously.